Richard Carson


Ub3rMath is a lightweight library for C++ used for the interpretation and manipulation of mathematical expressions given in text form.


libPhonetiQ is a very fast search library for PHP which was featured in the top 10 download packages for for several weeks. libPhonetiQ finds and ranks results which are phonetically similar to portions of the query string.


Ub3rParse is used to perform calculations from any text editor or field without the need to interrupt workflow by switching windows. Shift-Spacebar solves any equations in your clipboard and replaces them with the answers.


SMART is the invoicing and support ticket management system which I built for Secure Technologies International Inc., and have maintained since its launch in 2010. Its core is a heavily modified Vtiger CRM 5.1.0.

USB Enumerator

USB Enumerator is a Linux based bootable utility developed for Secure Technologies International Inc. It facilitates batch collection of USB device serial numbers in a completely secure, sealed environment for use with McAfee's ePO device control products. USB Enumerator produces output files directly importable into ePO, and can generate barcodes representing device serials.